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Dental Assisting Technology & Management Course Sequence

Effective Fall 2015 -
Prior to admission in the A.S. Degree program, students must fulfill these requirements:

  • Complete a 50 college credit, ADA-accredited Dental Assisting ATD program (will satisfy the AS degree major courses), and

  • Take a College Placement Test (CPT) and complete any required developmental courses in Math, Reading, or Writing.

After admission in the A.S. Degree Program, students must complete the General Education courses AND the courses in one of the options below. You should apply for graduation during the last semester of your courses.

Choose from ONE of the following Dental Assisting Technology & Management options:

(Courses may be taken in any sequence UNLESS a course is a prerequisite for another course.)

Course Sequence Options

Option 1- Educational Methodologies & Strategies

 PSY 2012  General Psychology (This course must be completed before enrolling in EDP 2002 Educational Psychology)
 EDP 2002  Educational Psychology
 EDF 1005  Introduction to Education
 EDG 2701  Teaching Diverse Populations
 EME 2040  Technology for Educators
   Humanities Elective (3 credits)
   Technical Elective (2 credits)

Option 2- Marketing & Sales of Dental Products

 SYG 2000   Introduction to Sociology
 GEB 1001   Introduction to Business
 MAR 1011   Marketing Principles 
 MKA 1021  Principles of Selling
 MKA 1302  Business Seminar/Practicum 1 
 OST 1582  Ethics at Work
   Humanities Elective (3 credits)
   Technical Electives (2 credits)

Option 3-Dental Practice Set-up and Management

 SYG 2000    Introduction to Sociology
 MAT 1033  Intermediate Algebra (This course must be completed before enrolling in ACG 2021 Financial Accounting)
 ACG 2021  Financial Accounting
 MAN 2021  Business Management Principles
 OST 2335  Business Communications
   Humanities Electives (3 credits)
   Technical Electives (2 credits)