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A.S. Nursing Transition to RN Program

Thank you for your interest in the Transition to RN Nursing Program at EFSC. The Associate Degree Nursing Transition Program is a 13-month hybrid program designed for Florida Licensed Practical Nurses, Paramedics and registered/certified Respiratory Therapists who wish to be awarded advanced standing in the EFSC ADN Program.

Click on the categories below for more information about Admission Criteria, Procedures and the Selection Criteria Point System.

Application Information

Apply for General Admission to EFSC

Complete and properly file the application for general admission to Eastern Florida State College, prior to program application deadline. There is a $30 non-refundable application fee for admission that must be submitted at the time of application to the college. This application and more information about the general application steps is available online at EFSC's Enrollment Steps webpage. Complete all admissions requirements with General Admissions office.
NOTE: This step pertains ONLY to those students who are not currently enrolled with the college. If you have not attended Eastern Florida within the last two years, you will need to readmit to the college.

Submit Transcripts

Submit Transcripts: ALL OFFICIAL college and/or high school transcripts or GED scores to:
College Admissions Office
Eastern Florida State College
1519 Clearlake Road
Cocoa, Florida 32922

  • Transfer students: Request all previously attended colleges to send a final, official copy of college transcripts to the EFSC Admission's Office. These transcripts must be received and evaluated by the application deadline. Please note that EFSC will not evaluate transcripts if courses are still in progress at your previous institution. Additionally, if you are listed as "non-degree seeking" at EFSC, request the Admissions office to indicate your minor as "the program you are applying for" (ex: Nursing RN) so that transcripts will be evaluated accordingly. Points will not be awarded for courses that do not reflect on your unofficial transcript by the application deadline.
  • International students: If you attended high school and/or college in a country other than the United States, when you submit your transcripts you must speak to the International Student Service Advisor to determine any further steps that must be taken to determine your grade point average and transfer credits.
  • If no previous college coursework: Take the college placement testing with the EFSC testing center at your local campus. If applicable, all required preparatory courses must be complete with a grade of “S” or better.

Complete Online Institute of Nursing Application

Complete the online Institute of Nursing Application for the Transition to RN Program This application should be submitted no later than January 15th. There is $25 non-refundable fee for this application to be paid online or at the cashier's office no later than the application deadline.

*Unofficial copies of your previous college and EFSC transcripts must also be submitted to the Health Sciences Admissions office. Unofficial EFSC transcripts can be downloaded from Applicants are responsible for submitting and verifying all required information prior to the deadline. No faxed transcripts will be accepted.

Take the TEAS Test

Applicant must take the Test of Essential Academic Skills prior to the deadline. The TEAS is a national examination developed by Assessment Technologies Institute. You must bring proof of payment for the TEAS fee to the test. (See TEAS TEST DATES for test version, cost information and registration.) 

Eastern Florida Institute of Nursing TEAS Test Policy: The RN Nursing, Transition RN Nursing and Practical Nursing programs will only consider TEAS Version 5 test scores taken once per year (the first attempt within said year will be used) for application consideration into a nursing program by the application deadline. Test scores are valid for 2 years.

Note:  A new version of the TEAS will be administered after August 31, 2016.  Required scores for this new version and other information will be released soon.  Students who plan on taking the TEAS after August 31, 2016 should make sure they are studying materials for the version they will be taking. The nursing department will continue to accept TEAS V scores as long as they are not older than 2 years. 

Submit Proof of Completion of Health Program

Submit proof of completion/graduation from an accredited LPN, Paramedic or Respiratory Care Therapy program. Proof for this requirement can be in the form of a transcript or diploma – unofficial copies are allowed.

Submit Verification of Health Experience Form

Submit the Verification of Health Experience Form.  Documentation is REQUIRED for program consideration. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Recent EFSC Practical Nursing/LPN graduates may apply to the Transition RN program without current work experience as an LPN. Please see "Admission Criteria" for full details of this exception.

Submit All Documentation for Review

Submit all admission criteria documentation to be considered for the Transitional RN Program. (See Admission Criteria below.) Incomplete files will not be considered.

APPLICATION FILES MUST BE COMPLETE AND SUBMITTED TO THE HEALTH SCIENCE ADMISSIONS OFFICE BY JANUARY 15TH. All applicants will be notified by mail of their status for the program approximately 8 weeks after the application deadline.

A file for the Admissions Committee to review must include:

  • Completed Institute of Nursing online application for the Transition to RN program
  • All transcripts: Student (unofficial) copy from all colleges and universities attended – including EFSC.  No faxed transcripts will be accepted.
  • Work/Volunteer Experience Form confirming 2 years of work experience – must be completed by your employer.
  • Copy of your current state licensure or certification/registration
    *Proof of Schedule appointment for licensure or certification/registration exam - current EFSC Practical Nursing graduates ONLY (see Admission Criteria below for details).
  • Copy of your current American Heart Association Certifications
  • TEAS scores
  • No more than three letters of recommendation are suggested (Optional).  
    *Letter from EFSC Practical Nursing faculty member - current EFSC Practical Nursing graduates ONLY (see Admission Criteria below, for details).

Selection Criteria Point System

The Transition program's admission selection is based on a point system and is part of the admissions process. Committee members carefully tabulate and confirm points accumulated by each applicant.

*EFSC reserves the right to change the admission requirements and other information as the need arises.


Applicants must take the TEAS Test. Applicants for the Nursing RN (including Transition RN) and LPN programs will require a Reading Comprehension score of 69% and an Adjusted Individual Total (overall) score of 58.7% is required on the TEAS V, to be considered for program admission. Several testing dates are scheduled prior to the application deadlines. Seating is limited. Please see the TEAS test dates for campus, dates, times and scheduling instructions for TEAS testing.

Note:  A new version of the TEAS test will be administered after August 31, 2016.  Required scores will be posted soon.

Applicants must have at least a 2.5 GPA to apply to the program, by the application deadline. Points will no longer be given for GPA.

Completion of the following courses taken within the last five (5) years will result in the following points:








Anatomy & Physiology I







Anatomy & Physiology II















College Algebra or higher math: If taken, a student can earn up to 5 points. An "A" is worth 5 points, a "B" is worth 3 points, a "C" is worth 1 point. The highest grade will count as awarded points; no year requirement.

*All the above course work to be considered for points must be successfully completed, and reflect on your transcript, with a grade of "C" or better, by the application deadline.

Students who have completed an advisement session with a Health Sciences Student Advisor, as evidenced by a signed advisement card, will receive 3 points. This card can only be obtained from a Health Science Student Advisor, and no duplicates will be issued. If lost, the student will be required to attend another advisement session for another card. The card is only valid for 1 year after the issue date. Please view office location, contact number and hours at Academic Advising. Appointments are not required.

The following items are recommended, but will not be awarded points:

  • Essay. Submit a one-page, typed essay titled “Why I Am Choosing Nursing As A Career.”
  • Recommendation Letters. At least one, no more than three.

Admission Criteria


Prerequisite Courses:
The following courses must be completed prior to the application deadline, with a grade of “C” or better:

*BSCC 2093 Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 4 Credits
*BSCC 2094 Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 4 Credits
  DEP 2004 Developmental Psychology of the Life Span 3 Credits
  ENC 1101 Communication 1 3 Credits
*MCBC 2010 Microbiology 4 Credits
  MAC 1105 College Algebra -OR-
  MAT 1033 Intermediate Algebra -OR-
  SYG 2000 Intro to Sociology
3 Credits
  PSY 2012 General Psychology 1 3 Credits

(*Must pass General Biology first - BSCC1010)

Work Experience:
Applicants are required to have 2 years of work experience in their licensed field (within the last 3 years), with active licensure/certification as an LPN, Respiratory Care Therapist or Paramedic. Completed Work Verification/Reference form is required for documentation of work experience. Form must be completed by employer – not applicant.

*Are you an EFSC Practical Nursing/LPN Graduate? 
Effective 2014, EFSC Students are now eligible to apply to the Transition RN program, directly upon graduation from the EFSC Practical Nursing/LPN program. You must apply up to 1 year from your LPN graduation date, in order to waive the work experience requirement. If you apply after 1 year of your Practical Nursing graduation date, then you must complete at least 1 year of work experience by the application deadline. If you apply after 2 years, or more, then you must meet the above 2 year work experience requirement.  In order to qualify for this exception, you must show proof of obtained license/certification -OR- proof of appointment for licensure/certification exam by the application deadline (exam must be scheduled for a date no later than March of the application year). You will be required to submit a letter of recommendation from an EFSC Practical Nursing faculty member, with your application packet, to qualify for the work experience exception. 

Additional requirements:

  • Completion of TEAS test and scores submitted
  • Current American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR Card

Prior to graduation of this program, the following classes are also required to complete your AS Degree:
    1. Humanities — 3 Credits
    2. SPC 2600 Fundamentals of Speech — 3 Credits

Upon successful completion of the above, the student is eligible for consideration of admissions into the Transition to RN Program

1519 Clearlake Road
Cocoa, FL 32922.

Faxes may be sent to 321-433-7579.  No faxed transcripts will be accepted.

Space within the program is very limited and admission is competitive. The Associate Degree Nursing programs are approved by the Florida Board of Nursing, 4052 Bald Cypress Way, Tallahassee, Florida 32399. Telephone 850-488-0595.

*EFSC reserves the right to change the admission requirements and other information as the need arises.

Equal Access Policy

Eastern Florida State College is dedicated to providing a nondiscriminatory environment which promotes equal access, equal educational opportunity, and equal employment opportunity to all persons regardless of age, race, national origin, color, ethnicity, genetic information, religion, sex, gender preference, pregnancy, disability, marital status, veteran status, ancestry, or political affiliation in its programs, activities, or employment. 

EFSC recognizes the rights of students and applicants with disabilities, including those with hepatitis B, under the protections of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

ADN Transitional Curriculum

View the official Nursing RN Curriculum which includes the ADN Transitional Track

Course #                             Course Title                                            Credit Hours
Term I
NURC 1003                          Transition Course                                                  5
NURL 2701                           Transition Clinical Lab                                        3
NURC 1141                           Nursing Pharmacology                                       1     

Term II
NUR 2241                             Advanced Med-Surgical Nursing                       5
NURL 2241                           Advanced Med-Surgical Clinical Lab               4
NURC 1142                          Nursing Pharmacology 2                                       2

Term III
NUR 2463                             Nursing Care of the childbearing Family         2
NURL 2463                           Childbearing Family Clinical Lab                       1
NUR 2522                             Nursing Care of the Psychiatric Client              1
NURL 2522                            Psychiatric Client Clinical Lab                            1

Term IV
NUR 2801                              Leadership & Management                                  1
NURL 2801                            Leadership & Management Clinical Lab          3
NUR 2813                              Nursing Issues & Trends                                         2
NUR 2930                              Nursing Elective                                                         1