Simulation Lab at EFSC

Located in Miami, FL, Gaumard manufactures simulators for healthcare education, from simple anatomical models to highly instrumented, computer-controlled, full-body mannequins. The mannequins offer a portable simulation solution for nursing schools, health science programs, EMS agencies, hospitals and the military throughout the world.

Human patient simulator being used by EFSC nursing students

Gaumard mannequins provide an anatomically correct, feature-rich mannequin, which allows for the physical demonstration of various clinical signs including bleeding, breathing, blinking eyes and convulsions. Care providers can diagnose and treat the conditions of adult Gaumard mannequin HAL, using real monitoring and resuscitation equipment while he is being rushed from the accident scene.

HAL can be controlled at distances up to 300 meters and between rooms and floors of conventional buildings. He smoothly transitions between physiological states in response to commands from a wireless PC.

The Noelle Birthing mannequin helps nursing students gain experience assisting a mother during birth in a simulated emergency situation. The Baby Sim mannequin gives students the opportunity to practice hands-on neonatal nursing skills.

EFSC's Gaumard pediatric sim mannequin allows students to gain valuable skills needed for care of children.

Together, these systems deliver a realistic and objective training ground to practice and perfect patient care without risk to real patients. For more information, visit the Gaumard website.

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