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Enjoy making people look good? Love to cook? Careers in culinary & cosmetology let you express your creativity & nurture your desire to serve others. 

With more than 40,000 food service workers employed in the Central Florida region, culinary arts and food production offers a unique opportunity to enter this fast-growing field right away. The cosmetology profession has a continuous need for well-trained hair, skin and nail specialists. Jobs in the cosmetic industry include not only those in customer care, but also those in the merchandising, scientific and editorial fields.

Meet Zach Kinberg

Sous Chef, CrossFire Restaurant

EFSC's Culinary program provided the opportunity to learn through experience and the chance to intern during my second semester at the Melbourne restaurant where I now work. For the value on the dollar, it was the best program around hands down. I really love my career.

Postsecondary Adult Vocational Certificates 
Culinary Arts & Commerical Foods
• Cosmetology
• Facial Specialty
• Nails Specialty