Thursday Update: EFSC's Palm Bay Campus is open today, with all classes and exams taking place as scheduled. A power outage canceled late afternoon and evening classes and final exams at Palm Bay on Wednesday. Students should check with their instructors for any impact on Wednesday's Final Exam schedules. Updates will be posted here and on social media as needed.

What is proctored testing?

A proctored exam is a test administered by an authorized individual who supervises the student while he or she is taking the test. The authorized individual is known as a proctor. The proctor’s function is to ensure the integrity and security of the exam in a secure testing environment. eLearning courses must have at least one proctored exam in order to comply with federal regulations. In some cases, such as in math and science courses, instructors choose to have more than one exam proctored.

Testing Information, Locations & Scheduling

Students enrolled in eLearning courses are required to take their proctored exams either on campus or at an instructor/college approved proctoring site. Students electing to take a proctored exam on campus must schedule testing appointments using the Student Proctored Testing Scheduler. Any changes to testing appointments should also be done in the Scheduler. EFSC provides a secure testing environment at no charge at the following locations:

  • Cocoa Campus Assessment Center (CCAC), New Location as of Monday, October 3, 2016: Cocoa Campus, Building 1, Rooms 116-120, 321-433-7694
  • Melbourne Campus Assessment Center (MCAC), Melbourne Campus, Building 10, Room 218, 321-433-5879
  • Palm Bay Learning LabPalm Bay Campus, Building 1, Room 234, 321-433-5251
  • Titusville Learning Lab & Assessment Center, Titusville Campus, Building 1, Room 115, 321-433-7502

Students living outside Brevard County must notify their instructor of their intentions to use off-campus proctoring services to satisfy proctored exam requirements for their classes. Students must submit the Lab Requests & Registration form in a timely manner to facilitate communication between the instructor and the off-campus proctor. Students may choose one of the following options for taking proctored exams (additional costs may apply):

All students have the option to use the ProctorU online proctoring service. ProctorU is a third party proctoring service that allows you to take proctored exams online from anywhere using a webcam and a high speed Internet connection. Testing with ProctorU has a testing fee of $25 per two-hour exam. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm that the off-campus proctoring request process is complete and that their proctor has received their test information. They should not report to take their exam until they have this confirmation. Additionally, students are to submit their Lab Requests and Registration form at least 2 weeks prior to the start date of their exam.

Make-up exams: Make-up tests are proctored for students enrolled in face-to-face courses only. These make-up tests will not be administered without an appointment. Students are encouraged to make testing appointments after verifying testing information with their face-to-face instructors. All testing appointments should be made using the Student Proctored Testing Scheduler. See Students Living in Brevard tab for additional information.

Proctored Exam Scheduling Process

Click here for instructions on scheduling a proctored exam.

eLearning students may take their proctored exams at no cost at one of the EFSC campus locations listed above on this page. Students taking their proctored exams at one of the campus locations must schedule all testing appointments online in the Student Proctored Testing Scheduler. The Scheduler is accessible 24/7 after logging in to their myEFSC portal and clicking the drop down menu from Student Applications. All initial appointments and changes to reschedule testing appointments should be done in the Scheduler. Click here for instructions on scheduling a proctored exam.

Tests can only be scheduled after the class begins and the instructor has identified dates for the tests. Once the exam information is available, students are advised to make testing appointments in the Scheduler as early as possible. Students should select a campus testing location based on their needs and the testing allowances permitted by the instructor.

After the testing appointment is made in the Scheduler, please review the following information for a better testing experience:

  • Communicate any special accommodations to your instructor before your testing appointment
  • Arrive at your testing appointment about 5 minutes early
  • Bring photograph identification with you. You will not be permitted to take your exam without an ID card such as military ID, driver license or EFSC student ID. No exceptions.
  • Check the classroom to be aware of instructor’s testing allowances for use of notes, textbook, calculator or any other testing aids before your testing appointment
  • Bring only approved testing aids with you to the testing appointment. All other personal items such as purse/handbag, cell phone, food, drink, keys, and/or book bag must be placed into a locker and retrieved upon leaving the testing room.
  • Know your EFSC student ID number and Canvas logon information; you will need this information to access your eLearning exam
  • Be aware of EFSC Student Code of Conduct regarding Academic Dishonesty – Cheating, plagiarism and any other misrepresentation of work are prohibited. Students who are found to be in violation of this standard may receive severe sanctions including a failing grade in their respective course and, depending on the circumstances, possible expulsion from Eastern Florida State College.

Be aware staff are not authorized to make exam changes or give exam time extensions for any proctored exam without instructor approval.

To use ProctorU proctoring services
ProctorU is a third party proctoring service that allows you to take proctored exams online from anywhere using a webcam and a high speed Internet connection. Testing with ProctorU has a testing fee of $22.50 per two hour exam. For additional information go to

  • Complete Lab Requests & Registration form at least 14 days before your exam.
  • Send an email to your instructor to confirm receipt of your Lab Requests & Registration form.
  • Go to the ProctorU website, view Getting Started video, and follow on-screen instructions to create ProctorU account.
  • Verify instructor has posted exam information to ProctorU website.
  • Access ProctorU website to schedule your appointment to take proctored exam and pay applicable fees.
  • Important note: Be aware the Lab Requests & Registration form should be submitted at least 14 days prior to your exam to allow processing by your instructor and ProctorU. You will not be able to notify your instructor and schedule your exam at ProctorU within a 24 hour window.