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General ATD Information

The Applied Technology Diploma consists of a course of study that is part of an Associate in Science (A.S.), is less than 60 credit hours, is approximately 50% technical components (non-general education), and leads to employment in a specific career field.

Graduation Requirements

The Postsecondary Vocational Certificate and Applied Technology Diploma are awarded to students who have satisfactorily completed specific college credit courses and have:

  • Met all admissions requirements to the college.

  • A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in the courses that comprise the certificate.

  • Filed an Intent to Graduate Application on or before the the published deadline. This includes an advisor's signature and the payment of graduation fee.

  • Removed all financial obligations to the College. Final transcript and diploma will not be released until student has removed all financial obligations to the college.

Financial Aid

Not all ATD programs are eligible for financial aid. See the "EFSC Programs and Admissions Requirements" in the EFSC Catalog for eligible programs and contact the financial aid office for assistance when needed.