The skills for true success

The Core Scholar team defines soft skills as those skills a student needs to be successful in college and their career but that aren’t formally taught in most college courses.

To address the soft skills that students and faculty recognize as part of success, the Core Scholar program offers a series of workshops that encourage development of these skills.

We asked thousands of students what they felt they needed to be successful in college, and used the top responses to create our first round of workshops. Current workshop topics include Time Management, Study Skills, and Organizational Skills.

These short, interactive soft skills workshops allow students to leave the workshop with a usable product, such as a personalized weekly schedule or an individualized study plan of action.

Soft Skills Workshops are open to any EFSC student. But to complete this portion of the Core Scholar Program, a student must attend at least three different workshops.

Workshops Contact & Dates

Contact the Associate Provost's Office on your campus for Soft Skills Workshop questions.

Cocoa: Bldg. 5, Rm. 131, 321-433-7661
Melbourne: Bldg. 1, Rm. 126, 321-433-5591
Palm Bay: Bldg. 1, Rm. 206, 321-433-5160
Titusville: Bldg. 5, Rm. 105, 321-433-5014

Workshops Core Scholar Designation Requirement

  • The student must successfully complete at least three different Core Scholar workshops