Core Scholar Program FAQ: Click question to see answer

Who Can Become a Core Scholar?

Any student is eligible to become a Core Scholar. This program is not only for star students; it is for ANY student that wants to enhance their college experience and learn skills that will help them in college and their career.

Why should I become a Core Scholar?

Studies repeatedly show that employers want employees who possess more than just knowledge about their major. This program exists to develop the skills students need to be successful here and in the workplace: Self-discipline, Motivation, Self-Efficacy and Engagement. The program includes both academic and personal support as well as professional development opportunities. Completing the entire program will develop a well-rounded student who is more competitive in the job market because they sought out opportunities to expand essential skills beyond those learned in a classroom. While the special regalia at graduation and designation on the transcript are certainly perks, the real value is in what you learn and what you will be able to offer employers as you develop critical skills for success.

How do I sign up?

You don't need to. Simply start working on the program by attending a Soft Skills Workshop, going to see a Core Scholar Peer Tutor, becoming a Peer Tutor, getting a Success Coach, or registering for one of the Core Scholar Career Exploration Courses. All events and activities are open to all students, but a Core Scholar is one who completes all requirements of the Core Scholar Program. You can visit your campus' Associate Provost's office for more information. They will also log in your questions and interests and someone from the Core Scholar Program will contact you with details about how to get involved.

Campus AP offices are listed below:

• Titusville Associate Provost, Bldg. 5 Room 105, 321-433-5014
• Cocoa Associate Provost, Bldg. 5 Room 131, 321-433-7661
• Melbourne Associate Provost, Bldg. 1 Room 126, 321-433-5591
• Palm Bay Associate Provost, Bldg. 1 Room 206A, 321-433-5160

What are the requirements to become a Core Scholar?

The four portions of the Core Scholar Program include Success Coaching, Peer Tutoring, Soft Skills Workshops and Major Area of Interest Learning Communities.

Any student who wants to become an Eastern Florida State College Core Scholar and receive distinction at graduation and designation on their transcript must participate in all four facets of the Core Scholar Program prior to their graduation as outlined below:

Success Coaching
  • The student must establish and maintain a relationship with a Success Coach for at least two semesters
Peer Tutoring
  • Option 1: The student must successfully complete at least one semester as a Core Scholar Peer Tutor OR
  • Option 2: The student must visit a Core Scholar Peer Tutor (one-on-one and/or group tutoring) at least 10 times OR
  • Option 3: The student must attend at least four Group Study Sessions facilitated by Core Scholar Peer Tutors
Soft Skills Workshops
  • The student must attend at least one each of the following three workshops: Study Skills, Time Management, and Organization
Major Area of Interest Online Learning Communities
  • The student must complete at least one Core Scholar Career Exploration course with a grade of "C" or higher

Can I complete parts of the Core Scholar Program even if I don't expect to finish the entire thing?

Yes! All activities and events are open to all students. Only those who complete all requirements will be considered a Core Scholar, but any student would benefit from doing any individual part of the program.

Is the Core Scholar Program only for students who excel in their academic studies?

No! Certainly excellent students will be serving as our Core Scholar Peer Tutors, but even students who might need tutoring are excellent candidates for the program. The Core Scholar Program aims to develop skills beyond what is taught in a classroom so that you can succeed in college and in the workplace. As such, any student will benefit from this program. You will set and work toward goals, develop an academic and career plan, learn skills that can help you be more successful in school and your career, and get academic support while at EFSC if you need it.

How long does it take to complete the Core Scholar Program?


This can vary, but the minimum time to complete the program is one year, or two terms. The Success Coaching commitment is the most time consuming, with a requirement to meet with the coach over two terms. So if you are concerned about completing in time, make sure to start with that.

Also, the Career Exploration courses are not all offered every term, so make sure you plan accordingly so you can complete the course before you graduate; keep in mind, taking this course early might replace the need for some electives down the road and allow you to focus on elective courses that are more directly related to your academic plan.

The bottom line: some students might take longer to complete the program and some might do more than is required to get the most out of these valuable resources, but the minimum time to become a Core Scholar is one year or two semesters.