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Network Systems Technology A.S.

This degree program and the associated certificate programs are designed to provide students with the training necessary to install, secure, maintain and troubleshoot computer networks. Both hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge are included in the curriculum.

Available options in the Network Systems Technology A.S. degree are:

  • Network Security/Cybersecurity
  • Network Virtualization
  • Network Infrastructure

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Network Systems Technology Associate in Science (NSAS)    

Available options in the new Network Systems Technology A.S. degree are:
  • Network Security/Cybersecurity
  • Network Virtualization
  • Network Infrastructure

View the 2015-16 Network Systems Technology program requirements.

View the program of study for Network Systems Technology.

There are seven common core courses shared in the Network Systems, Computer Information Technology and Network Systems A.S. degrees.  View the link to these  common core courses and see the flow chart for the course prerequisites.

College Credit Certificates

There are six college credit certificates associated with the Network Systems Technology A.S. degree.

Advising Notes

The following A.S. degree and College Credit Certificates were closed to new students as of May 2014:
  • Networking Services Technology A.S. degree
  • Cisco CCNA Certificate
  • Computer Specialist Certificate
  • Information Technology Technician
Students who are currently declared in one of these program majors and enrolled may complete the degree or certificates by maintaining continuous enrollment and following the governing catalog. Students may also choose to switch to the new AS Network Systems Technology degree.

Read more about guidance points for students who are currently in the closed Networking Services AS degree.

Archived College Catalogs

Students in these closed programs may contact Mr. Claude Russo at 321-433-5082 for more information.

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Cristen Jacobsen, 321-433-5957
Student Advisor
Melbourne Campus, Building 2-215E

Claude Russo
Associate Professor 
Computer Science

Network Virtualization and Network Infrastructure option courses are offered on the Melbourne campus.

Network Security/Cybersecurity option at the Palm Bay campus: 

Florida Xcel-IT grant coordinator,
John Seltenright, 321-433-5146