Point System Information

Applicants to the Cosmetology, Nails and/or Facial Specialty programs are evaluated for admission based upon a point system as determined by the following criteria: 

  • Academic achievement
  • Testing
  • Letters of recommendation

Eastern Florida State College's Department of Cosmetology operates under the direction of and in compliance with, the Department of Education and the Department of Business and Professional Regulations.

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Academic Achievement – Either A or B

  • High School Graduate with GPA (Grade Point Average) using a 4.0 scale for grades 10-12.
  • GED Scores will be converted to a GPA to determine points.
     GPA  Scores    Points  Earned  
      3.9 to 4.0   5             
      3.5 to 3.8     4               
      3.0 to 3.4    3               
      2.5 to 2.9     2
      2.0 to 2.4     1

TABE Testing

Required TABE scores are:

  • Reading – 9.0
  • Language – 8.0
  • Math – 8.0
      Sub-Test Score     Points  Earned  
      9.0+          5            
      8.0-8.9        4              
      7.0-7.9          3                
      6.0-6.9   2                
      5.0-5.9          1
    Students who earn lower scores are required to use the Learning Lab (any campus), VPI, or other appropriate means to reach the necessary level. There is a three-month waiting period before a remediating student is allowed to retest. The Learning Lab works with the student to increase understanding, then retests only the section(s) with low scores.  THERE IS NO FEE FOR THIS TEST. The TABE is based on a 12th grade or GED level. One of the math exams allows the use of a hand-held calculator.

Letters of Recommendation 2-4 points

Students must submit AT LEAST ONE, but no more than three, letters of recommendation from a teacher, colleague or other professional stating why they feel you would be a good candidate for the Facial Specialty in the Nails Specialist Cosmetology program. This letter must be submitted on company letterhead and can be emailed to Program Specialist Kendra Hart at hartk@easternflorida.edu or mailed to EFSC Cosmetology Office, Bldg. 20/Rm 124B, 1519 Clearlake Road, Cocoa, FL 32922.


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