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The Career Field of Computer Information Technology

Help-desk technicians and computer support specialists respond to calls and e-mail messages from computer users looking for help with a computer problem. The help desk personnel work with a user to solve the problem. Computer support specialists provide technical assistance, support and advice to customers and computer users within the workplace. Specialists educate users about computer security and install security software. They also monitor networks for security breaches and offer end-user support.

Database managers work with the database management systems software and determine ways to organize and store data. They test and coordinate modifications of the database when needed, troubleshoot problems, plan security, and ensure data integrity, data backup and recovery.

Information technology managers work in a variety of businesses using business applications on computers. They apply modern data processing techniques to the operation of the business through the control and delivery of information.

These positions usually require a 40 hour work week, but if an employer requires computer support over extended hours, workers may be "on call" for rotating evening or weekend work. Overtime may be necessary when unexpected technical problems arise.

Know Your Field

Career Options: Help-Desk Technician, Computer and Information Specialist, Computer Support Specialist, Database Administrator, Software Support Specialist, Computer and Information Systems Manager and Technical Services Manager