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Work in the Field of Chemical Technology

Chemical technicians work in every aspect of the chemical process industry, from basic research, including medical analysis to hazardous waste management. Research and development technicians work in experimental and medical laboratories, and process control technicians work in manufacturing or other industrial plants. They conduct a variety of laboratory procedures from routine process control to complex research projects. Work includes handling piping, using hand tools, assembling equipment, working with mechanical equipment, modifying parts and apparatus and maintaining equipment. Technicians also work in data management, quality control and shipping to provide technical support and expertise to these functions.

Most technicians work indoors, but a few work outdoors taking samples and measurements for water quality analysis. Chemical technicians are vital members of self-directed work teams. They sometimes work independently. Most follow the normal five-day, 40-hour work week except when processes or tests must be completed without interruption.

Chemical technicians tend to be on the move during the day, and have a variety of responsibilities. They usually work under the direction of a chemist, chemical engineer or laboratory supervisor and are employed in research, development, process control, production and sales. Chemical technicians may work with or for regulatory agencies or the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

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Careers: Chemical Laboratory Technician, Chemical Engineering Technician, Analyst, Chemist's Assistant,

Water Resource Management careers: Water Operator II (salary range $18 to $29 per hour); Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator "C" (salary range $45,379. - $65,800); Utility Line Supervisor (salary range $16.74-$26.78 per hour). View more information on how to prepare for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's Operator Certification exams. Salaries identified through the Florida Water Resources Journal