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Chemical Tech Career Pathways

This Associate in Science degree prepares students for employment as laboratory technicians, or provides supplemental training. Graduates will be able to assist chemists and chemical engineers by performing chemical and physical laboratory tests related to quality control monitoring, research and development, and understand the maintenance of lab health and safety standards.

Students who plan to pursue a Nursing or Health Sciences program at Eastern Florida State College should refer to each program's web page in order to identify pre-requisite courses such as Biology, Microbiology or Anatomy & Physiology. Students may determine that an A.A. degree, the Scientific Workplace College Credit Certificate or enrolling as a non-degree seeking student meets the purpose to completing pre-requisite courses.

This page provides information for students who are pursuing the A.S. Degree in Chemical Technology or the certificate in Scientific Workplace.

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Chemical Technology Associate in Science (CHAS)

Options within the A.S. degree in Chemical Technology include the following tracks: 
Biomedical Technology (CHASBIO)
Biotechnology (CHASBTO)
Chemical Technology  (CHAS)
Engineering (CHASEGR)

Refer to the Chemical Technology curriculum page for detailed program information.

Scientific Workplace Preparation College Credit Certificate  

EFSC current college catalog requirements Scientific Workplace certificate.

This certificate has courses that meet many of the EFSC Nursing & Health Sciences pre-requisite courses. View the Nursing & Health Sciences web pages for more information on program requirements.

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