EFSC Humanities Course List

Eastern Florida State College's Nursing Bachelor of Science degree requires six credits of humanities courses, with at least one three-credit course from either List 1 or List 2 required at the time a prospective student applies to the program (completed course must be at grade of "C" or higher). The second required humanities course, from the appropriate list as verified by the program advisor, may be taken after admission to the program.

Humanities (Credits Needed: 6)
The Humanities requirement may be satisfied by the completion of one course from List 1 and one course from List 2
List 1 Credits Needed: 3
ARH 2000 Art Appreciation * 3
HUM 1020 Introduction to the Humanities * 3
LIT 1000 Introduction to Literature *
MUL 2010 Survey of Music Literature *
PHI 2010  Introduction to Philosophy *
THE 2000  Theatre Appreciation *
* Satisfies FLDOE Core Course Requirement   
List 2    Credits Needed: 3
ARH 2050 Art History and Criticism Survey 1: Prehistory through Late Medieval 3
ARH 2051 Art History and Criticism Survey 2: Early Renaissance to 20th Century 3
HUM 2211 Humanities Survey: Ancient through Byzantine Culture 3
HUM 2230 Humanities Survey: Byzantine through Enlightenment 3
HUM 2249 Humanities Survey: Enlightenment through 21st Century 3
HUM 2270 Humanities in Latin America, Africa, and the Eastern World 3
HUM 2390 Themes in the Humanities 3
HUM 2740 Humanities Study Abroad 3
REL 2300 World Religions 3
THE 2100 History of the Theatre 3