Parking Update: To ease parking congestion on EFSC's Melbourne Campus, students, faculty and staff may park in the large King Center lot. Additional parking is also available at the Tennis Complex accessed from Post Road near Sherwood Elementary. Please be sure your parking permit is on your vehicle and remember that parking is only allowed in marked spaces, and is not allowed on the grass. Thank you for your patience and courtesy during this busy period.

Bachelor's Degree Orientation & Advising

Once you're accepted into your BAS specialization of choice, you must complete Student Orientation and meet with a BAS Advisor prior to registering for your first semester of classes. Orientation ensures that you understand the policies and processes related to being an EFSC student. At the BAS advising session, you will review a personalized course plan to aid in registration. After your initial advising session is complete, you may register online via myEFSC/TitanWeb for all future semesters if you wish. Registration holds are placed on all accepted BAS student records until orientation and advising are completed.

If you have been accepted into an EFSC Bachelor's program you can complete these two requirements in the following way:

Complete online orientation and schedule a separate BAS advising appointment.

Student Orientation Icon•  Access the Student Orientation system by logging in to the myEFSC Portal with your B-number and PIN. Click the orientation icon to start. You do not need to finish in one session. The system will remember where you left off and let you restart until completed. After completion, you can revisit the orientation system and review material or use the links on the individualized list of resources you create during the orientation process.

• You can identify a day, time and Campus location for your advising appointment through our online scheduling system.

IMPORTANT: Students must be officially accepted into a BAS program in order to have access to the online orientation option. It is NOT a step that can be completed prior to your acceptance. If you wish to register during your visit with a BAS Advisor, please complete the online orientation prior to your scheduled appointment time.