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Advanced Allied Health Specialization Guide

The Advanced Allied Health Specialization is part of the Applied Health Sciences Bachelor of Applied Science degree. Designed for students who hold an Associate in Science degree (A.S.) in a health sciences field, those holding a non-health A.S. or an Associate in Arts degree (A.A.) will need to submit additional information as part of the application process. View official curriculum

*A.S. degree holding students:


*A.A. degree holding students

General Education BAS Requirements

Students who completed an A.S. degree and
who have not completed 36 credits of general
education course work 
must select the remaining 
sufficient general education courses to meet the College
requirement for each discipline area. All courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.

Discipline Title Credits
 AREA 1 Communications 9 credit hours
 AREA 2 Mathematics 6 credit hours
 AREA 3 Natural Science 7 credit hours
 AREA 4 Humanities 6 credit hours
 AREA 5 Social/Behavioral Science 8 credit hours

            See the College Catalog Associate in Arts Degree General 
            Education Requirements to determine course selections.


Tech Concentration BAS Requirements

Students who completed an A.A.
must complete 21 credits of
Career Technical Courses to satisfy the
Technical Concentration requirements.
Select courses in a career area.

Technical Concentration courses must come from major core or options within an A.S. degree or college credit certificate and preclude an general education courses.

Speak to the BAS Program Specialist for guidance on course selection.

Common Required Core
(complete both courses)

ENC 3241 Technical Writing for Professionals  
HSC 4851
Health Sciences Internship  

Advanced Allied Health Core
(complete all courses)

HSA 3111 US Healthcare Systems 3  
HSA 3180 Healthcare Administrative Management 3  
HSA 3191 Healthcare Automation and Technology 3  
HSA 3223 Management of Long-Term Care Facilities 3  
HSA 4170 Healthcare Finance 3  
HSA 4340 Human Resources Management in Health Services Organizations 3  
HSA 4383 Quality Improvement in Healthcare 3  
HSC 3032 Health Education and Promotion 3  
HSC 3201 Community Health 3  

Advanced Allied Health Electives
(select 6 credit hours)

 Work with your BAS advisor to choose electives that best fit with your career goal.
GEY 3601 Biology of Aging
GEY 3625 Sociological Aspects of Aging 3  
HSA 3502 Healthcare Risk Management 3  
HSA 3702 Healthcare Research 3  
HSA 4553 Ethics in Healthcare 3  
HSC 3661 Therapeutic Communication 3  
HSC 3801 Clinical Observation/Volunteer Work 1  
HSC 4184 Healthcare Leadership 3  
HSC 4404 Medical Disaster Management 3  
HSC 4500 Epidemiology 3  
**Foreign Language as a graduation requirement    
Total BAS Upper Division Credits
A minimum of 39 credits at 3000 and/or 4000 level courses must be completed.
The remaining 21 credit hours of upper division credits may include 1000 to 4000 level.
*Associate Degree (Lower Division) Transfer Credits
Total Credits

Note: Successfully complete the Florida foreign language requirement: two high school credits or at least eight college credits or demonstration of proficiency in a single foreign language. American Sign Language is acceptable. Foreign language taken at the college level does not satisfy the General Education or Technical Concentration credits.