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The Palm Bay Writing Center is happy to provide you with assistance in any step of the writing process. Please explore each category to view our full range of available services.

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Getting Started

  • Understanding the assignment
  • Choosing or focusing a topic
  • Creating or revising a thesis
  • Finding supporting ideas
  • Formatting the document


  • Selecting supporting ideas
  • Organizing the content
  • Creating a map or outline


  • Creating an introduction
  • Creating a conclusion
  • Adding supporting detail
  • Integrating source material
  • Citing source material


We can help you improve the following:

  • logic of the supporting material
  • the overall organization
  • flow of information
  • connections between thesis and support
  • the introduction
  • the conclusion
  • word choice
  • sentence variety


  • Fixing punctuation errors
  • Maintaining subject-verb agreement
  • Using appropriate verb tense
  • Fixing word ending errors
  • Eliminating first/second person use (I, you)
  • Correcting pronoun errors

Contacts & Resources

Request an appointment for priority service, but walk-ins are also welcome.

Palm Bay Writing Center
Building 1, Room 234 A
(inside the Learning Lab)
8:30 AM - 6PM

Online writing resources are available on our LibGuides site.