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Resources Related to TABE Testing

The campus Learning Labs and academic support staff have many materials and/or resource referrals available for our Vocational Students to use in order to meet the TABE test and remediation requirements. Below is a listing of only some of the materials students can access. One-on-one tutoring sessions with Learning Lab staff members may be available by appointment.  

If you have any further questions regarding the, Vocational and Career Education Academic Support,
please email or call 321-433-5938.

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Linda Kwil, Executive Editor: Achieving TABE Success Series, Contemporary’s McGraw-Hill Wright Group, 2006.

  • Math Level A ISBN: 0-07-704470-3
  • Language Level A ISBN: 0-07-704458-4
  • Reading Level A ISBN: 0-07-704462-2

Phyllis Dutwin, M.A., Editor: TABE: Test of Adult Basic Education, The First Step to Lifelong Success, McGraw-Hill, 2003.

Contact local bookstore for availability or check with an EFSC campus bookstore:

  • Cocoa Campus Bookstore, Building 6, 321-433-7290
  • Melbourne Campus Bookstore, Building 3, 321-433-5677
  • Palm Bay Campus Bookstore, Building 3, 321-433-5195
  • Titusville Campus Bookstore, Building 3, 321-433-5055

Multiple Intelligence Quiz

The multiple intelligence quiz may be a guide to how you learn. It may give you some ideas on the best ways for you to study. Answer the questions on the excel quiz and then look at the graph below. For additional explanations, click on the intelligences descriptions tab at the bottom of the excel worksheet. This page will give you further explanations of what your intelligence description is, as well as related roles, tasks, activities and learning style.

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Additional explanation about multiple intelligences can be found at the following website:

Study Skills Workshops: Classroom/Study Skills

Study Skills Workshops: TABE Skills