Eastern Florida State College | Resolutions

Resolutions of Disability Related Issues or Disputes

We strive to ensure that EFSC students with documented disabilities have equal access to programs and services. Even with the best intent and best efforts of all involved, problems or disagreements may arise.

If you have an issue or concern with a disability related issue, please follow this informal procedure for possible resolution:

  • Report your issue to the College-wide Accommodations Coordinator, Emily Tonn at 321-433-7715 or via email to: tonne@easternflorida.edu
  • If the Accommodations Coordinator is unavailable or unable to assist in the resolution of your issue, contact Dr. Laura Sidoran, Executive Director of Student Accessibility Services (SAIL) at 321-433-5173 or via email to: sidoranl@easternflorida.edu.

The Executive Director will work within the resources of the College to resolve the issue. If the problem is still not resolved, you can contact Ms. Darla Ferguson, AVP Human Resources/Chief Equity and Diversity Officer at 321-433-7080 or via email at: fergusond@easternflorida.edu

Eastern Florida State College will make every effort to resolve the conflict by informal means. Throughout this process, you can expect to be treated with dignity and respect, receive timely responses, and have issues handled in a confidential manner as guided by federal law. The College expects the student to bring up any issue as soon as possible, provide clear and detailed information, follow the outlined procedure, and to be respectful of the people who are involved.

Students may also file a complaint with the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights at: Atlanta Office; U.S. Department of Education: 61 Forsyth Street S.W., Suite 19T10, Atlanta, GA 30303-8927; Telephone 404-974-9406; email: ocr.atlanta@ed.gov

Formal procedures for appealing administrative and academic procedures can be found in the Student Handbook