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EFSC is the place to explore your love of music. Whether your dreams include working in the industry, expanding your own abilities or earning a two-year degree as a stepping stone to a Bachelor's in music, you'll enjoy the combination of classroom and hands-on training.

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For students planning to major in some aspect of music, including performance, education, therapy, theatre, theory and composition, technology, business or church work, the first two years of study reflect the basic foundations for all music disciplines while working toward an Associate in Arts degree. Students must complete a minimum of 60 semester hours of college-level credit with 36 hours of general education.

Since there are additional ensemble offerings in music, the majority of students pursuing a parallel program in music will quite often take two-and-a-half or three full years to complete their A.A. This is not unusual in that it takes, on average, five years to complete a Bachelor's in Music at a university or college.

EFSC offers an important tool known as the Transfer Graduation Pathway for Success that helps with your course planning as you pursue an A.A. degree with the intention of transferring to a bachelor's level music program. View the Music Program Transfer GPS.

Explore the music program through the links in this area and get involved through all the performance opportunities we offer.

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Contacts for scholarship, audition and program information:

Dr. ChanJi Kim, Music Theory, Digital/Electronic Music & Composition and Department Chair

Robert Lamb, Choral Concentration

James Bishop, Instrumental Music

Training for the Next Stage

Jon Oxford

Jon Oxford

Guitarist/UCF Student

I had no formal music training prior to EFSC. Now that I'm at UCF and have something to compare it to, I feel like the smart kid in the class thanks to my time at EFSC — which I now appreciate even more. My instructors drove students to surpass expectations and held them to high standards, just like a bigger institution.