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Palm Bay Departments

Computer Science/Business/Education/Engineering Technology/HVAC

Department of Computer Science/Business/Education/Engineering Technology/HVAC
Building 2, Room 156
Office: 321-433-5245 

  • Computer Science
  • Engineering Technology
  • Accounting/Business
  • Computer Repair
  • Economics
  • Education 

Dr. Holly McKnight, Chair
Phone: 321-433-5355

Communications/Developmental Reading & Writing/Speech/College Success Skills/ English Language Studies

Department Office
Building 2, Room 156
Office: 321-433-5199 

C.J. Baker-Shverak, Chair
Phone: 321-433-5284

Humanities/Social Sciences/ Behavioral Sciences/Foreign Languages

Department of Foreign
Language/Humanities/Social/Behavioral Science
Building 2, Room 156
Office: 321-433-5199 

  • Library Science
  • Foreign Language
  • Psychology
  • Humanities
  • Political Science
  • Social Science
  • Behavioral Science 

Cindy Puckett
Phone: 321-433-5283

Mathematics/Developmental Mathematics

Department of Mathematics
Building 2, Room 156
Office: 321-433-5245 

  • Mathematics
  • Developmental Mathematics 

Dustin Files
Phone: 321-433-5153

Sciences/Health/Physical Education

Department of Science/Health/PE
Building 2, Room 156
Office: 321-433-5245 

  • Biology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Physical Education 

Dr. Xiaodi Chen
Phone: 321-433-5269

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