Eastern Florida Online Department Information and Chairs

Online Programs/Courses main contact:

Main Office: Titusville Campus, Building 5-111

Behavioral & Social Science/English/ Foreign Languages

Dr. Laura Dunn, Phone: 321-433-5168, dunnl@easternflorida.edu

Business, Religion, Criminal Justice, Student Life Skills (SLS) and Speech

Connie Boudot, Phone: 321-433-5235, boudotc@easternflorida.edu

Early Childhood, Health Sciences, Humanities, Legal Assisting, Office Administration, Computer Technology and Education

Chuck Kise, Phone: 321-433-5279, kisec@easternflorida.edu

Mathematics and Science

Joe Wakim, Phone: 321-433-5667, wakimj@easternflorida.edu

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